ApWH "Must Know" Dates

  • 7 Years War/ French and Indian War

    The English and the French fought for colonial domination in north american the carribean and in india
  • American Revolution/ Smith writes Wealth of Nations

  • French Revolution begins

  • Haitian Independance

  • Congress of Vienna

  • Independance in Latin America

    variuos revolutions that took place in the 18th and 19th century. it resulted in and number of independent countries in latin america.
  • 1st Opium War in China

    Was fought between Brittian and China and it lasted 3 years
  • European Revolutions/ Marx & Engles write communist

  • Commodore Perry opens Japan

  • Sepoy Mutiny

    A number of sepoy (indians) rebellions to the brittish that demanded to be heard. sepoys were indians fighting with britain agianst india.
  • End of Russian serfdom/ Italian unification

  • Emancipation Proclamation in Us

  • German Unification

  • Berlin Confederance- Division of Africa

    It was an agreement between European powers to split Africa into pieces for themselves, into colonies.
  • Spanish- American War- US acquires Phillippine, Cuba, Guan, & Puerto Rico

    The Phillipines, Guam, Cuba, & Puerto Rico, the cubans were quickly given their independance and the Phillipines achieved that status after WW2.
  • Boer War - Brittish in control of South Africa

    showed how the boers were skillful fighters nad brought racial issues to light.
  • Russo-Japanese War

    first great war of the 20th century and it grew out of imperial ambitions of the russian and japanese empire over manchura and korea
  • Mexican revolution

    started because of tremendus disagreement among the mexican people over dictatorship of the president porfirio diaz.
  • Chinese Revolution/ End of Dynastic China