APUSH Period 2

By jujudyy
  • Jamestown

    John Rolfe: tobacco + "The Starving Times."
  • 1st Anglo-Powhatan War

    De La Warr vrs. Powhatan Confederacy.
  • Virginia House of Burgesses

    1st legislative body.
  • 1st Slaves

    Brought to Virginia.
  • Mayflower (Compact)

    Pilgrims sail to Plymouth and create the 1st American self-government through the Mayflower Compact.
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Founded by Puritans.
  • Rhode Island

    Founded by Roger Williams to separate state and church.
  • Pequot War

    Massachusetts Bay + Plymouth colonies vrs. Pequot tribe.
  • Anne Hutchinson

    Antinomianism: the truly saved don't need to obey any law.
  • Conneticut's Fundamental Orders

    1st example of Constitution.
  • 2nd Anglo-Powhatan War

    Banished Powhatan Confederacy from Chesapeake lands.
  • Barbados Slave Codes

  • Half-Way Covenant

    Congregational Church extended memberships.
  • King Philip's War

    Metacom vrs. New England settlers.
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Nathaniel Bacon led a rebellion against colonial authority; led to greater dependence on slave labor instead of indentured servants.
  • Pennsylvania Colony

    Founded by William Penn + the most tolerant colony.
  • Salem Witch Trials

  • New York Slave Revolt

  • Poor Richard's Almanack

    By Benjamin Franklin.
  • Jonathon Edwards

    Began the Great Awakening
  • Zenger Trial

    Path to freedom of press + speech.
  • George Whitefield

    Energized the Great Awakening.
  • South Caroline Slave Revolt

  • War of Jenkins's Ear

    Britain vrs. Spain over Georgia.