April 27th

  • Apr 27, 1521

    Megellan killed in Phillipines

  • American Revolution: Brittish Tea Act

    Brittish government imposes taxes on tea to Americans.
  • President, Ulysses S. Grant is born

    Respected Union General and later widely questioned president of the United States, Grant was a key factor in the Union's victory over the South in the American Civil War.
  • Sultana Ship explodes on Mississippi River.

    Confederate Ship carrying thousands of Union prisoner explodes on Mississippi River.
  • Union prisoners freed from Confederate Prison camps.

  • German forces enter Greece

    Nazi forces enter Athens Greece
  • Babe Ruth diagnosed with throat cancer

  • North Vietnamese attack

    North Vietnames attack outside of Quang Tri.
  • Afghan President killed

    Afghan president is overthrown an murdered.
  • GMC hit hard economically

    With election of new president and economic crisis, 2008 was a detramental year for the GMC automotive company.