AP Euro Timeline

  • IND: Steam Engine

    pattented by James Watt
  • NAP: Napoleon's coup d'etat

    Beginning of Napoleonic Ear
  • NAP: Concordant

    Agreement (with conditions) between Napoleon and Pope Pius VII
  • NAP: Napoleon made "Consol for Life"

    Napoleon gains then most-powerful in the French government
  • NAP: Start of Napoleonic Wars

    France's peace with Britain ends
  • NAP: Coronation of Napoleon I

    Napoleon is made emperor
  • NAP: Defeats of Austria and Prussia

    Battle of Ulm (Austria), Battle of Austerlitz (Russia)
  • NAP: Continental System & Defeat of Prussia

    Embargo on British goods, Battles of Jena and Auerstadt
  • NAP: Napoleon's Invasion of Russia

    Napoleon's ill-fated invasion begins
  • NAP: Napoleon's exile to Elba

    Napoleon is exiled after failure in Russia
  • NAP: Congress of Vienna & Battle of Waterloo

    Concert of EUrope established, Napoleon exiled to St. Helena after Battle of Waterloo
  • NAP: Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle

    Meeting of Allied powers under COncert of Europe
  • NAP: Peterloo Massacre in England

    In reaction to Corn Laws
  • NAP: Decembrist Revolt in Russia

    Crushed by Nicholas I
  • NAP: Treaty of Adrianopole

    Serbia and Danubian Territories gain independence from the Ottoman Empire
  • NAP: July Revolution

    overthrow of Charles X
  • IND: Stephenson's Rocket

    Used on first public railway line; fastest of its time
  • NAP: Reform Act in Britain

    gave representation to previously underrepresented urban areas
  • IND REV: Factory Act

    Limited amount of work hours for children
  • TOC: Beginnings of German Unification

    Zollverein formed
  • TOC: Abolition of Slavery in all British colonies

    creates oppurtunities for missionaries
  • NAP: Poor Law in Britain

    led to creation of workhouses, actually hurt the poor
  • TOC: Great Trek

    Dutch Boers pushed out of South Africa by the British ->establish Transvaal Republic and the Orange Free State
  • TOC: Opium War begins

    Chinese officials destroy a shipment of British opium-> results in a British blockade of Chinese ports. Ended by treaty of Treaty of Nanking in 1842
  • TOC: London Straits Convention

    Held among “Great Powers” (Russia, Britain, France, Austria, Prussia), re-establishing “ancient rule” of the Ottoman Empire
  • IND: The Great Hunger

    Famine hits Ireland & decimates population; ends around 1851
  • NAP: Repeal of Corn Laws

    Cheaper grain for poor
  • IND: Factory Act of 1847 (Ten Hours Act)

    restricted the working hours of women and children in British factories to 10 hours a day
  • NAP: Revolutions of 1848

    Failed revolutions in German States, Italy, Austria, and France
  • IND: Britain's Great Exhibition

    Showcased the skill of British Engineers
  • TOC: Cavour comes to power

    becomes prime minister
  • NAP: Crimean War truly begins

    France and Great Briatin declare war on Russia
  • TOC: Four Points of Vienna

    Agreed upon by powers of Europe & included:
    1) Russia should renounce any claims to occupied territories
    2) The 1841 Straits Convention would be revised
    3) Navigation in the mouth of the Danube should be internationalized
    4) Russia should withdraw any claim to having protective role for the Greek Orthodox residents in the Ottoman Empire
  • TOC: Piedmont-Sardonia's involvement in Crimean War starts

    Cavour sends 15,000 troops to Crimea
  • NAP: Treaty of Paris ends Crimean War

    made black sea neutral territory
  • TOC: On the Origin of Species

    published by Charles Darwin
  • TOC: Treaty of Turin

    Napoleon III agrees to Piedmont-Sardinia’s annexation of north and central Italy
  • TOC: Kingdom of Italy is proclaimed

    Victor Emmanuel II crowned King of Italy
  • TOC: Otto von Bismark appointed prime minister

    Alters course of modern German history
  • TOC: Danish War

    Prussia and Austria side against Denmark and are victorious
  • TOC: Austro-Prussian War ends

    Austrians defeated
  • TOC: Austro-Prussian War begins

    Italian armies align with Prussia
  • TOC: Opening of Suez Canal

    British controlled canal allows for very convenient transportation route from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea
  • TOC: Franco-Prussian War begins

    Starts b/c of the Crisis of Spanish Succession
  • TOC: End of Franco-Prussian War

    French admit defeat, German Empire declared
  • TOC: Law of Papal Guarantees

    reduces holdings of Pope to Vatican City
  • NAP: Paris Commune

    Briefly rules until May
  • TOC: Treaty of San Stefano

    ends Crimean War
  • TOC: Treaty of Berlin

    agreed upon by major powers & revises treaty of San Stefano, restricting Russian expansion
  • TOC: Belgium gains control of the Congo

    during the "Scramble for Africa"- proves to be valuable colony
  • TOC: Berlin Act

    attempts to regulate imperialism in Africa
  • NAP: Boulanger Affair

    threatens the government's stability in France
  • NAP: Beginnings of Dreyfus Affair

    Alfred Dreyfus sent to prison
  • NAP: Zoinist Conference

    held in Switzerland
  • TOC: Boer War

    erupts between British and Boers in Southern Africa
  • TOC: Russo-Japanese War starts

    happens b/c Japanese encroached on Russia's control of Port Arthur; ends in 1905