AP Calc Timeline

By jcbad93
  • Videos

    Today we watched the parametric review videos. A few of them were pretty funny, and I found them to be more helpful than the videos from the last unit.
  • KYSC & Integral Review

    KYSC & Integral Review
    Our first day of review showed me that I need to brush up on my integration. The inverse trig integrals on the quiz were especially hard.
  • DE Review

    DE Review
    I felt better about today's review. I was much more confident in my integration during the drill, and the DE methods came back to me pretty quickly.
  • Practice AP Free Response day 1

    Practice AP Free Response day 1
    Today we did three AP Free Response questions with partners. I think Simon and I did well. We finished with plenty of time and worked through each problem fairly easily.
  • Practice AP Free Response day 2

    Practice AP Free Response day 2
    Today was the non-calculator free response questions. I think that Simon and I did just as well as we did on yesterday's questions. We finished with about 15 minutes to spare once again.
  • Integration Techiques

    Integration Techiques
    Today we did more integration review. Most things are starting to come back to me, and I'm getting more comfortable with the review. However, there are definately a few things I'd completely forgotten about and need to spend more time reviewing
  • Advanced Integration Techniques

    Advanced Integration Techniques
    Today we reviewed advanced integration. I remembered most of what we went over, and was grateful to learn that trig sub is not tested, because I think I'd have a harder time remembering that. I also had some trouble remembering infinite series tests for convergence when we went over them in the drill.
  • Review Practice Exam

    Review Practice Exam
    Today we reviewed our practice AP test. I got a 5 (if my calculations were correct), which is better than I had expected considering I've felt rather out of practice in the past week.
  • Taylor Series and Convergence/Divergence tests

    Taylor Series and Convergence/Divergence tests
    Today we went over Taylor Series. I have been having trouble remembering all of the tests, so reviewing them was really helpful. I feel much more comfortable with them now.
  • Integration Application

    Integration Application
    Today we went over integration applications such as solids of revolution using disk, washer, and shell methods. This was very helpful, for I'd been slightly confused on when to use each method.
  • Envir. Science AP

    Envir. Science AP
    Today I took the Environmental Science AP exam and was not in school.
  • Pre-game walk

    Pre-game walk
    Today is the day before the big game. We went for a walk outside in class. It was very relaxing, and eased my worries about the test.

    I thought the multiple choice section was VERY easy. The free response was a little more challenging, especially the non-calculator section. I struggled the most with the last free response question.
  • Review AP Test

    Review AP Test
    Today we went over the free response section of the AP exam. I think I did very well on the multiple choice section, and after estimating my free response scores, I think there's a good chance i got a 5