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Annexation of Hawaii

  • Hawaiians first see Europeans

    Hawaiians first see Europeans
    After James Cook lands on Kauai many trading and whaling shps in the Pacific soon began stopping in Hawaii.
  • Period: to

    Events leading to the Annexation of Hawaii

  • Missionaries arrive in Hawaii

    Missionaries arrive in Hawaii
    The first missionary company arrives in Hawaii. Attempted to convert Hawaiians to Christianity. Opened businesses and raised crops, like sugarcane. Some Americans became rich sugar planters.
  • Reciprocity Treaty

    Reciprocity Treaty
    Allowed Hawaiian sugar to be shipped duty-free to the United States. Help Hawaiian sugar industry prosper.
  • Bayonet Constitution

    Bayonet Constitution
    Planters held King Kalkaua at gunpoint so he would sign it. Granted more power to the panter-controlled legislature.
  • King dies

    King dies
    His sister Liliuokalani becomes queen. Proposed a new constitution that would return power to the monarchy. Planters revolted and John L. Stevens, U.S minister to Hawaii, called 150 marines ashore to support the revolt, and it succeeded without a battle. The planters formed a new government
  • Congress votes to annex the Hawaiian Islands

    Congress votes to annex the Hawaiian Islands