Ancient Greece and Rome, Medieval Era, Baroque Era.

By Adzo
  • 3000 BCE

    The Epic of Gilgamesh

    The Epic of Gilgamesh is considered to have been Babylonia's greatest literary masterpiece.It was discovered written on twelve broken tablets in the ruins of Ashurbanipal's library in Ninevah
  • 1000 BCE

    The medieval period

    Origins of Belly dance by some group of people.
  • Period: 1000 BCE to 950 BCE

    How Hebrews considered music ?

    Music was regarded by the Hebrews as a direct communication with God and a music service created by is still used in the synagogues today.
  • 953 BCE

    The temple built par Hebrews

    Hebrews, during their brief existence in Jerusalem built a beautiful temple ,resplendent in polished cedar and glittering gold.
  • Period: 700 BCE to 480

    Ancient Greece

    The Ancient Greece is known for its art, architecture and philosophy.
    In this period, the police became the defining feature of Greek political life for hundreds of years.
  • Period: 524 BCE to 456 BCE

    Drama and dance

    The first writer of tragedy was Aeschylus of Athens who credited with producing the first real drama
  • 508 BCE

    Dance and song

    a contest of dithyrambic song and dance was established .
  • Period: 484 BCE to 420 BCE


    Herodotus was called "the father of history".Herodotus put the war between the Greeks and the Persians.
  • Period: 460 BCE to 400 BCE


    Thucydides recorded the history of the Peloponnesian war .With knowledge ,Thucydides "sought to diagnose the causes of social diseases by dispassionate observation and comparison of symptoms "
  • Period: 448 BCE to 380 BCE


    Aristophanes was the father of comedy
  • Period: 400 BCE to 1400 BCE

    The medieval period

    During this period, the Eastern civilizations made major advances and contributions in agriculture, arts, economics, laws, technology, industry , literature, navigation, philosophy, ... .
  • Period: 342 BCE to 291 BCE


    Menander, writer of comedies during the Hellenistic Era did not produce with serious messages ,but rather situation comedies that commentaries on everyday life.
  • 256 BCE

    Ancient Greece

    Starting with the Zhou dynasty ,dances became more formalized and purposeful.
  • 240 BCE

    The conception of Roman Pantomime

  • 166 BCE

    First play of Terence

  • 70 BCE

    The destruction of the temple built par Hebrews.

    When the Jews rose against their Roman oppressors ,the temple got destroyed ,
  • 55 BCE

    First theater

    At the dedication of the first theater, a great festival was held which included dramatic performances