ancient greece

  • Jul 19, 776

    olympic games

    olympic games
    first pan hellinic athletes contests ( olympics games )
  • Jul 19, 1100


    the dorians defeayed the myceneans. first greek settlement formed on the minor asia coast
  • Jul 19, 1400

    aegean world

    aegean world
    myceneans in control of the aegean world
  • firstgreek speaking tribe

    firstgreek speaking tribe
    lionen and aechean greeks arrived (first known greek spaeking tribe)
  • second persian invasion

    second persian invasion
    second persian invasion- greeks defeated at THERMOPYLAE.
  • persian invasion

    persian invasion
    first persian invasion and the battle of marothon
  • democrasy develops

    democrasy develops
    democrasy develops
  • homer

    homer writes the ILIAD
  • new writing

    new writing
    new form of writing the alaphabet was introdused in the citys