Ancient Egypt Timeline

By Rarcher
  • Jan 1, 1075

    Ancient Egypt

    Dynasties XXI-XXIV)
    1075-715 B.C.
    Egypt is once again divided. The high priests of Amun control Thebes.
  • Jan 1, 1539

    Ancient Egypt

    Dynasties XVIII-XX)
    1539-1075 B.C.
    Thebans expel the Hyksos and reunite Egypt.
  • Ancient Egypt

    Dynasties XV-XVII)
    1630-1520 B.C.
    Asiatic Hyksos settlers rule the north, introducing the horse and chariot.
  • Ancient Egypt

    ( Dynasties XI-XIV)
    1975-1640 B.C.
    Reunification by Theban kings.
  • Ancient Egypt

    (Dynasties IX-XI)
    2125-1975 B.C.
    Political chaos as Egypt splits into two regions with separate dynasties.
  • Ancient Egypt

    Dynasties IV-VIII)
    2575-2150 B.C.
    Age of pyramids reaches zenith at Giza.
  • Ancient Egypt

    (Dynasties I-III)
    7,000B.C2575 B.C.
    Consolidation of Upper and Lower Egypt and founding of Memphis, the first capital. Calendar and hieroglyphic writing created.
  • Ancient Egypt

    In 3100 BC Pharaoh Menes united upper and lower Egypt. Making Egypt's first empire. In doing so, he made the Egyptian double crown.
  • Ancient Egypt

    About 7,000B.C ago climatic change turns most of Egypt except for along the Nile back to desert.