Ancient Egypt

By chjones
  • Period: Jan 29, 1000 to

    Ancient Egypt 3500 BCE- 1000 BCE

  • Jan 31, 1070

    Post- Ancient Egypt Begins

    This is the end of the society known as Ancient Egypt nad the start of the way egypt is seen today
  • Jan 31, 1347

    Tutankhamen becomes Pharoah

    Tutankhamen becomes Pharoah of Egypt. Restores the old idea of a Polythestic World
  • Jan 30, 1364

    Akhenaten the Forth becomes Pharaoh

    Akhenaten the Forth becomes Pharaoh and due to his religious views of a monothestic cult caused Religious stress in the New Kingdom of Egypt
  • Jan 30, 1470

    Hatshepsut dies

    The first woman pharaoh, Hatshepsut dies and Thutmose the third becomes pharaoh. In present history, Hatshepsut is usually portrayed as a man.
  • Jan 30, 1550

    New Kingdom begins

    Middle Kingdom ends after the Invasion of the Hyksos. Through Military campaigns Egypt becomes most powerful empire in South West Asia
  • Middle Kingdom Begins

    The second level of rule begins in Ancient Egypt some beleve it is the high point of Ancient Egyption rule. Pharaohs were seen as 'Shepards' to the People of Egypt.
  • First Intermediate period

    This was a span of 150 years where Ancient Egypt was not directly ruled by one king.
  • Building of the Great Pyramid

    The Great Pyramid of Giza aslo known as the Great Pyramid of Khufu was build for the burial of KIng Khufu and it took 23 years to build. (What did they do with his body for 23 years?)
  • Old Kingdom

    A rule called the old kingdom was the origional rule of egypt. It was believed to be a time of strong leadership and a unified Upper and Lower egypt
  • KIng Menes

    King Meres Untites Upper and Lower egypt into one group