american dream

  • america gains independence from britain

  • Period: to

    the start of the american dream

  • the constitution was written and rattified

  • the louisiana purchase

    it was made giving more land to americans to be able to farm and feed their families
  • the start of westward expansion

    americans start going out west to gain land and farm
  • the idea of manifest destiny

    it is created in november of 1839 by John L. O'Sullivan to show westward expansion
  • slavery is abolished

    its abolished and freed all african american men, women, and children
  • the creation of ford

    one of the worlds first auto companies are made
  • the assembly line

    This was created by henry ford in 1908 to efficiently produce products. most americans use this today to produce goods
  • the Harlem Renaissance

    a cultural boom in african american art, literature, and music
  • the mcdonalds corporation

    it was and still is one of the biggest fast food chains in the world and it all started in america
  • the civil rights movement

    the year where african americans fight for their civil rights
  • the beatles first single

    the beatles release their first single "love me do"
  • Atari

    atari (one of the worlds first video game companies) is founded
  • apple computers is created

    one of the largest computer selling industries in the world is made by 3 guys
  • Barrack Obama is sworn in

    Barrack Obama is sworn in as Americas first african American president
  • the harlem renaissance

    the cultural boom in african american art,literature,and music that started in the year 1919