Algeria: Arab 'Fall'?

  • Algiers

    16 independent revolts occur.
  • Period: to

    Algeria: Arab Defrost?

    A timeline of the events occurring in Algeria during the Arab Spring.
  • Food riots

    4 days of unrest commenced. Youth took to the streets in violent clashed with the police.
  • Death toll

    5 dead, 800 wounded. An indicstor of Military "restraint"
  • Mosen Bouterfif

    Set himself aflame in protest of lack of employment.
  • CNCD

    Founding of the National Coordination for Change and Democracy.
  • Authority Responds

    Announces the impending end of the emergency law.
  • CNCD

    Protest laregly unsucessful. Divisions within the CNCD and government response to protest.
  • Split

    CNCD splits up. Weakening the group.
  • Emergency Law Lifted

  • Gov't Respone

    Government uses oil revenues to stave off unrest.
  • Bouteflika Addresses Public

    Bouteflika announces that new constitutional reforms would be made,
  • Constitutional Recommendation Hearings

  • Constitutional Recommendation Hearings


    Al-Quaeda Organization in the Land of the Megreb conducted 2 suicide bombings.
  • Support for Gaddafi

    Gaddaffi damily escapes to Algeria
  • Libya-Algeria relations

    QUestions of Algerian support for pro-Gaddafi forces.