Alfred Deakin's Office Life

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  • 1st time in office

    Alfred Deakin was 47 years old when he began the first of his three terms as Prime Minister, after Edmund Barton resigned to become a judge on the first High Court.
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  • Deakin ended his 1st time in office

  • The cabinet sworn in

    The cabinet sworn in
  • Alfred's 2nd time in office

  • Deakin's defence policy speech in the House of Representatives

  • Alfred Deakin formed a government with Labor support

  • Deakin's 3rd time in office

  • Alfred Deakin ended his 3rd time in office

    Deakin’s Fusion government was defeated at the general election on 13 April 1910, with Andrew Fisher’s Labor party victorious. When his final term as Prime Minister ended on 29 April 1910, Deakin had served as Prime Minister for a total of four years and ten months, the longest time served by any of the first six prime ministers to 1915.