Alex Nelsons Timeline of ages 1-12

  • My First Birthday

    When I turned one Boomer from the Pacers gave me a basketball. Then my parents bought me a mini-basketball hoop so I could play whenever I wanted.
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    Timespan of My Life From Ages 1-12

  • My Second Birthday

    When I became two my parents bought me a Map Of The United States puzzle that I played with every day.
  • My Third Birthday

    For my third birthday my parents bought me my first computer learning game called Reading Rabbit.
  • My Fourth Birthday

    When I was four my parents took me to a Cardinals game. That same day my parents bought me a baseball bat, a glove, and my own Cardinals baseball.
  • My Fifth Birthday

    When I turned five my parents noticed my love for rock music so they bought me my first electric guitar. I soon took up lessons afterwards.
  • My Sixth Birthday

    When I turned six my parents suprised me with a Schwinn Gremlin bicycle. Later that year I was able to take off my training wheels.
  • My Seventh Birthday

    When I turned Seven my parents took our whole family out to Caselton Mall's Pet Center. It was there when we pick out our first Wheaten Terrier and we named her Wheatie.
  • My Eigth Birthday

    When I turned eight I went through that phase of being obsessed with the Game Cube. So after a lot of "persuading" they bought the system and the game Star Wars Legos as well.
  • My Ninth Birthday

    When I turned nine all I wanted was the new Wii game system. On the day my birthday I ran downstairs to watch television and there it was already plugged into my TV downstairs.
  • My Tenth Birthday

    For this birthday I received something that my dad and me made with our bare hands. We made a trebuchet for a Science Project in Fifth grade and I beat the teachers!
  • My Eleventh Birthday

    When I turned eleven I had been taking up golf since I was a young boy. So as a birthday present my parents took me out to buy a set of Ping eye 2's and a Taylormade Burner driver.
  • My Twelfth Birthay

    When I turned twelve I have been wanting a dirt bike or some type of motorcycle ever since I played Motorcross 2008 on my Wii game system years before. I finally had my break whenever my parents agreed to buy me 150cc dirt bike from Yamaha Motorsports.