Alejandro's life

  • My birth

    My birth
    I was born in Cali, in the Imbanaco Hospital, on the 4th of May, 1999. My parents, Oscar Padilla and Beatriz Ramírez expected me with great joy. My brother took me a gift to the hospital... it was a teddy bear. My mom bought me a car that she had given my brother before.
  • Period: to

    My life.

  • My baptism

    I was baptized in Cali in "Cristo del Perdón" Church with the Father Raul Candamil. My godparents were German Castaño and Sandra Molano. That day our whole family accompanied me.That day was very important in my life because it was the first time that I recived God.
  • I moved to Bogota.

    I moved to Bogota.
    When I moved to Bogota. I wasn't old enought to be at a big school but I was in a kindergarten called Pimpones. I lived in an apartment, the apartment was great. I had a large balcony where we could spend a lot of time playinng and doing activities with my family.
  • My first year of life

    My first year of live I ived in Cali, I spent it with my family all that important day of my life. The friends of my parents went to my house in that day. I played with all the sons of my father's friends.
  • In Villa de Leiva

    In Villa de Leiva
    When I lived in Bogotá I went to Villa de Leiva with some friends. I went there because it was "the day of candles". We saw a fireworks show, everything was fantastic.
  • On Christmas

    On Christmas
    We spent that christmas in family, during the evening we did the novena and talked. We spent time with friends of my parents. The next day in the morning we opened the presents as soon as we got up. My parents gave me many gifts... I liked it. I played all the day with my toys. It was a very happy day.
  • My first trip to Walt Disney World.

    My first trip to Walt Disney World.
    I went to U.S to meet the Disney characters. When I was little, one of my favorite characters was Pluto. My family and me were very happy because it was the first time that we went to Disney in family. We played in all the attractions we could.
  • I moved to Cali

    I moved to Cali
    This was the second time I went to Cali to live with my family. We had an apartment with siwmming pool. We have many friends there. We were living in Cali 1 year, that year I started the school.
  • My first day of school

    My first day of school
    When I started school I didn't have any friends. I felt so nervous, but when I went to class I felt happy because I understood that no one had friends. The teacher was very funny. They gave us many many games to play in groups to have friends.
  • When I went to Eje Cafetero

    When I went to Eje Cafetero
    In vacations my grandmother invited us to go to Parque del Café in Eje Cafetero. It's very pretty and funny. The people are friendly and creative. The parque del café has shows about the history and the culture of coffee, and has a roller coaster.
  • Trip to Cartagena

    Trip to Cartagena
    The first time I went to Cartagena with my family we stayed in the apartment of CocaCola.The apartment has a beach in front and it also has a swimming pool, one of my favorite food when I was in Cartagena was "arepa de huevo".
  • I moved to Barranquilla

    I moved to Barranquilla
    My father was transfered to the Barranquilla City, and my brother and me getting to Altamira International School. We lived in a big house in Villa Country. We had many special friends and spend time and fun. We miss Barranquilla.
  • Vacations in Sta.Marta

    Vacations in Sta.Marta
    In vacations of semana santa we went to sta marta. Enjoied the beaches, historic downtown and the la Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino.My father told us the story and what had lived Simon Bolivar.
  • The first carnaval de Barranquilla

    The first carnaval de Barranquilla
    In the school with my friends enjoyed the carnival of Barranquilla. We dressed up and played with spray foam, I went to all the events of the carnival with my family and some friends too. We won the best dance in the school that year.
  • My trip to Panama

    My trip to Panama
    The first day we went to Panama we stayed in a Ressort two hours away from Panama City, the Ressort was named Playa Blanca Ressort. It has a beach, siwimming pool, golf and every evening they present at the dinner time a musical show. I remember we could eat all the things we wanted. Everyday we met new places, one of them was the Canal of Panama. We spent two days shopping in Panama CIty. The hotel was very big and luxurious.
  • Vacations in New York

    Vacations in New York
    When I arrived to the airport of New York, a friend of my father recived us in the car to go her house, I remember that I sat in the window because I wanted to see it all.
  • My holidays in Washington

    My holidays in Washington
    In my holidays in Washington, we went to many places. We visited many museums. We visited the White House, the monument of Washington, the Museum of Natural History, the museum of Aviation and the Capitol. We saw many interesting things.
  • First Science Fair

    In the school we did a Science Fair and Tecnology every year. That year we tested many experiments, we did it a lot of times. I remember we won the third place, the first time we did a remote control crane that picked up trash and carried it from one place to another as a tow truck recycling, resulting to help save the planet. I did that experiment with two friends. That was the first time I won a medal of bronze.
  • My First Communion

    That day I received God. One day before I did my first confession. When I finished the confession I felt very good. The day of the first communion I was very excited. When I got in the church I saw all my friends and their parents. We sat in the first seat with my best friend. The party of the first communion was at Dann Carlton Hotel. They put on a table many delicious food and sweets , and we hired a man to play the violin. My parents and brother joined me in this wonderful day.
  • Second Science Fair

    The second time I won a medal it was the second place and the medal was made out of silver. I did an experiment that demostrated what detergent is more effective, the result for helping people to find the best detergent. I did the demostration and my team won.
  • I came to live in Valledupar

    When I came to live to Valledupar, I didn't know anything about it. I was sad because I came from Barranquilla where I had all my friends but I have more here now .When I got in the class that was 3B I feel to bad but then I started to have friends.
  • 11 years old

    My 11th birthday was in the cinema with my friends in Valledupar. We saw a movie called Ironman. I invited 48 kids. I was happy because I did my first movie in cinema with my friends. We ate popcorn and Cocacola in pairs .
  • The last vacations in Quimbaya

    My last vacations I spent in Quimbaya. I spent the time in the farm of my second uncle, the farm is very big. They have ATVs and a swimming pool. We went with all my family because it was the farewell for my aunt because she was going to live in a different country,
  • RUAH

    The convivence was very funny. We spent all the day with my friends, we shared time with people who were not my friends. My class and the other played a game that we had to take the hands and do something. We played another game that was to be five minutes in silence. That was very funny.
  • Tournament in the Berckley school.1

    Tournament in the Berckley school.1
    We went to barranquilla because we went to play football in the tournament of Bercley School. I went with my mom by bus to Barranquilla, when we got off the bus we waited for my mom's friend who came to pick us up. We went to the school to the first game, I felt very nervous. When the match started I touched the ball in the second minute, I felt very good. We tied the match with the Berckley school 2-2. The second match was with George Washington School from Cartagena 2-2.
  • Tournament in the Berkley school.2

    Tournament in the Berkley school.2
    I woke up at 7 in the morning to go Berckey School for playing against Marymount School of Barranquilla, was a tight match. Before the first half we got to be 4 - 1. When the first half ended I think that we could not win. The teacher was giving an instruction, he told us to sit down in chairs to listen. When we entered the pitch, we decided to win and try to recover. We got out and we tied 4 to 4. We were very happy because we made it!
  • Tournament in the Berckley school.3

    Tournament in the Berckley school.3
    After we won to the MaryMount we went out of the field, because the game of the 3rd and 4th place started. We went out of the field because we have to rest because in an hour we had to play an other game with Berckley school. When we got into the field we felt very tired, we played a very good match, we went to penalties and we lost. The game finished and we lost, we went to the field of basketball to recieve the cup. We went out of the tournament with the cup of the second winner.