agriculture inventions

  • Period: to


  • Cotton gin

    Cotton gin
    Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin to transform cotton into a useable product by removing the cotton seeds from the cotton fiber.
  • Iron plow

    Iron plow
    Thomas Jefferson inventor of the first iron plow.
  • seed planter

    henry blair
  • Grain reaper

    Grain reaper
    Cyrus McCormick invented the grain reaper to save labor cutting wheat oats and similar crops.
  • steel plow

    steel plow
    John deere improved the iron plow
  • corn picker

    Edmund Quincy
  • barbed wire

    barbed wire
    Joseph Glidden
  • milking machine

    milking machine
    Anna Baldwin changed the dairy industry by inventing a machine to replace hand milking.
  • Perishable food preservation

    Perishable food preservation
    Thomas elkins designed a device that helped with the task of preserving foods by way of refrigeration.
  • soil inprovement and crop rotation

    George washington carver developed crop rotations and the use of legumes to significantly improve soil fertility in the U.S. south
  • Tractor

    Ben Holt invented the tractor which came to replace the mule as the sources of power.
  • Gene Gun

    John Sanford developed a device for injecting cells with genetic information
  • GPS technology

    GPS technology
  • Robotic milking machines

    First used in ontario canada. May reduce lador.