• Period: 300 to Jan 14, 1000

    Ghana controls trade routes

  • Period: Jan 14, 1250 to Jan 14, 1400

    Mali controls trade routes

  • Jan 14, 1324

    Mansa Musa takes hajj to Mecca

  • Period: Jan 14, 1400 to Jan 14, 1500

    Songhay controls trade routes

  • Jan 14, 1444

    Portuguese reach Cape Verde and create settler colonies

  • Jan 14, 1486

    Bartholomew Diaz arrives in SA

  • Dutch East India Company arrives in SA

  • French Huguenots arrive in SA

  • Period: to

    British control Cape Colony port

  • British ban slavery in SA, annoying Boers

  • Period: to

    Great Trek

  • Diamonds discovered in Boer Territory

  • Berlin Conference where Europe divides up Africa

  • Period: to

    Scramble for Africa, all of it ends up colonized

  • Gold discovered in Boer Territory

  • De Beers controlls 90% of diamon industry

  • Battle of Adowa, where Ethiopians beat Italians and stay independent

  • Period: to

    Boer War, pretext of British rights but actually for mines

  • British grant independence to Transvaal, OFS, and Natal, form Union of SA

  • Basic Law implemented in SA

  • African National Congress founded

  • Pan-Africanist Congress formed by W.E.B.DuBois

  • Aba Women's War in Nigeria where women protested taxes

  • Negritude is started in France

  • Land Reform gives 87% of land to whites

  • Period: to

    World War II where many Africans fought

  • Winston Churchill writes hypocritical Atlantic Charter

  • Indonesia receives independence

  • India achieves independence

  • Expansion of apartheid after NP victory

  • Gamal Abdul Nasser overthrows British puppet in Egypt and takes power

  • Kwame Nkrumah negotiates new constitution for Ghana

  • Algerian National Liberation Front formed

  • Bandung Conference where Asians and Africans create unity between 3rd world countries

  • Ghana gains independence from Britain

  • Hutu uprising causes Tutsis to flee to Uganda

  • Sharpeville Massacre, protesting passbooks

  • Independent Congo Republic, PM Lumumba, Pres Kasavubu, Army Mobutu

  • Lumumba killed on Mobutu's orders

  • ANC and Pan-Africanist Congress are banned

  • Slovo flees and Mandela is arrested with life imprisonment

  • Referendum for Algerian independence

  • Rwanda gains independence

  • Ghana gains independence from Britain

  • Period: to

    Mobutu reigns Congo/Zaire as PM

  • SA banned from Olympics

  • Mobutu adopts Africanization, changes his name to Mobutu Sese Seko and country to Zaire

  • Inkatha Freedom Party formed

  • Soweto Riots, where 1000s die

  • Steven Bilko killed

  • SA constitution changed, only cosmetic reforms

  • US Congress sanctions SA

  • Rwandan Patriotic Front formed, led by Paul Kagame

  • Mandela and DeKlerk begin correspondence

  • DeKlerk becomes president

  • RPF invades Rwanda, starting civil war

  • Interahamwe formed, "those who fight together"

  • Mandela released after 27 years in prison and ANC ban is lifted

  • Period: to

    Rwandan Civil War between Hutu and Tutsi

  • Period: to

    Apartheid laws repealed

  • Reinvestment in SA started

  • Mandela and DeKlerk win the Nobel Peace Prize

  • New constitution in SA, modeled after US

  • Arusha Accords end war, make coalition government

  • International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda formed by UN

  • Period: to

    Rwandan genocide

  • Plane crash kills presidents of Rwanda and Burundi, inciting violence

  • US citizens evacuated, all embassies closed

  • SA elections held, Mandela wins with 62.6% of the vote

  • TRC formed to investigate human rights violations between 1960-1994

  • Kabila's Alliance of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of the Congo defeats Mobutu

  • Employee Equity Bill in SA

  • Period: to 500

    Kingdom of Axum exists

  • Lawrence Kabila assassinated so his son Joseph takes over

  • Probably corrupt elections elect Paul Kagame

  • Kimberly Process initiated to end conflict diamonds