Society of the spectacle

Advanced Research Methods Spring 2012

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    The Process of Research and Where and What it Lead To

  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    <a href='http://<iframe width="500" height="405" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>' >map</a>Chosen Topic: Exploring the Progress of India vs. the progress of the United States, focusing on the societal influences, the "American Dream" the "Indian Dream" and the shifts from past to present. Also heavy focus onGeneration Y or the Millinials cross-comparing in each country. To ultimately find some answers as to why or what is causing a degression in progress in one country and speeding up progress in another country.
  • Shifts in the "American Dream", Celebrity, Media, Generation Y

    Began to do a lot of research on the American Dream and What is going on in Media today and how it impacts society negatively or positively and the changes from past to present.
  • Narration

    The Narration began with what I want to be, What success looks like, and what I have become and what I hoped to do but have done. It was based off of current social issues, generational movements, influencers, and current goals/ most popular jobs in both countries. It has a cynical tone towards America.
  • Findings on Gneration Y

  • Articles on Science, Discovery, Innovation. Comparing U.S. news to European News, types of focus.

  • Questions of communication, media, success

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  • THE GLOBAL INNOVATION INDEX, Global Comparative Report, World Economic Forum

    research lead to the realization that Switzerland based on their economic status, the type of country it is, it would be more effecient to look into comparing Switzerland and the United States, especially since Switzerland was ranked #1 in innovation leading countries and the US #7. Ironically enough in 2007 the two were in exact opposite positions. Also, I was not hearing back from Indian embassy and that comparing social influences would be a bit easier.
  • Politics and Media

    As I was doing research on Swiss culture beginning to see a focus that their Gen Y and the country itsself (besides being much smaller) their economy, and politics seem currently more stable. But also, overall there was so much positivity in the voice. Also , so much more publicity for science and design compared to here.
  • Interviews and Diagram of what society thinks

    as I was doing interviews/coming across a diagram, and seeing how Swiss puts such a heavy focus on science, innovation, sustainability, and we do put more on celebrity, current state of the political debates, taking from personal life, interactionwith others, the interviews change and focusing more on the US than Switzerland. began to shift towards whats going on with our generation and our understanding of our country.
  • What are we talking about?

    interviews go on, fear of Monsanto, no desire to deal with social issues that are seen, would rather work on individual projects, offer social change while avoiding government, no motivation to take on , forgetting that we live in an academic bubble and most people do not know about sustainability, technology, high impact change vs. low impact change, design thinking...we forget that there is over 300 million people living in the US and not everywhere is as globalized and advanced as our bubble
  • The disconnect between our Generation and the Government

    interviews, and reports on our generation, and putting up the facts on the american dream, patriotism, what we feel, what we talk about, what we read, and how we see government...there is a total lack of respect, understanding and care for the government. Should we care? Yes, should we understand yes.

    the report shows the % of political stability vs US and Swiss, as well as energy efficiency , investments in education, and importing and exporting. Topics that are not normally discussed with your friends(based on interviews). all the uncertaintiy, and bad press its not surprising. America tends to take on a more negative outlook then positive. we have issues like fear of privacy, bad food, political injustice- how can you feel positivity or any desire to think about it?
  • Addressing The Government/ Politics

    Realizing how important the govt. is and how little I know, and many fellow peers know. with all the information gathered, I realized how important understanding what is running our country is extremely important. The world is going through drastic changes, and if we do not understand out govt. and if we do not take action within it, how can we really ever make progress and begin to change?

    so I found myself with this question: How can we get people talking and learning about our current government, history, organizations, laws, bills, rights, political parties, what they represent, who represents them, why are they in office? and further, WHY do we not take more interest in this, you cant actually avoid the government. Proactive behavior. Comparing other countries proactive behavior. we are next up to bat.
  • A platform to help bring up topics and learn

    What I would like to do is bring awareness to our generation and begin to remind them the importance of understanding and having the facts about the government today. Hopefully these types of conversations and knowledge will help influence people to begin to use their knowledge to help rebuild the current government we are dealing with. We have more of a say then we realize. And hopefully it will make people want to be proactive in a government so we can begin to foster change in the US
  • Addressing Fear Addressing Knowledge

    There is a lot of fear of politics due to the ugly behavior, there a lot of people who feel its not worth getting into for this reason. Its important to remember that when we do not tackle issues like that, and we do not begin to correct or intervene , then it will only grow because there is nothing trying to stop it. In situations like government, it takes a majority and compromise, not an individual. Fear of the complex, and the ugly can only be eliminated with knowledge.
  • More time and beginning to take action

    with more time I would like to do more research and interviews to find out this generations relationship to the govt. It really is important that we understand whats going on inside and outside the government, and how its effecting ourlives. if we dont take action it will drastically hurt the future. Creating a platform to begin to make people aware and proactive is the my future goal.