Adolphus Timeline

  • Mental Health

    How a athlete needs to be during sports.
  • Period: to

    Edupaues 1263

  • Sports Psycholgy

  • Personal Best

    What bring the best out of you?
  • Personal Development Program 3

    Identify who you are
  • Biulding Your Brand

    How you want other people to veiw you.
  • Media Etiquette and Awareness

    KNowing how to address the media.
  • Finanical Responsibilty

    Taking care of your "needs" before your "wants".
  • Personal Devlopment Program 4

    Identify who you are.
  • Career Devlpoment

    What you want to do in life.
  • Communication/ Public Speaking

    Talk well with others. Talking in front of large groups.
  • Leadership

    Learning to lead not follow
  • Personal Development Program 5

    Identify who you are.
  • Final Presentation Preperation

    Get presenations together.
  • Final Presentation

    Present Presentation.
  • Final Presentation

    Present Presntaion
  • Final Presention

    Present Presentation