Adolf Hitler and Germany in WWII

Timeline created by LaurenLovesPeanutButter
  • Adolf Hitler is Born!

  • Hitler drops out!

    (Date not specified)
    Young Hitler dropped out of school, then applied for an art school. He failed his admission test and was told he had no talent.
  • Hitler in WWI

    (Date not specified)
    Adolf fights in WWI, this is where his hatred of Jews began. He claimed they did nothing to help Germany.
  • Nazi Party

    (Date not specified)
    Hitler joined the Nazis.
  • Leader of Nazi Party

    (Date not specified)
    Hitler, after gaining their respect, and a little white lying became the leader.
  • President Hitler?

    (Date not specified)
    Hitler ran for president, but he lost. Then he sceduled a recount and again he lost, but he did gain supporters.
  • Chancellor Hitler

    (Date not specified)
    Hitler as Chancellor, gave the Nazis special privileges and got a bill passed that gave him huge amounts of power. This was the beginning of the end. The place where his dictatorship started.
  • Dachau Concetration Camp Opens

    Dachau was the first concentration camp to open during the Holocaust.
  • Fuhrer Hitler

    (Date not specified)
    Once Germany's former president died, Hitler became the fuhrer or leader of Germany. He made everyone say an oath to him, promising they would stay loyal to him.
  • Germany invades Austria

  • Germany invades Poland

  • Denmark surrenders, Germans invade Norway

  • Belgium surrenders

  • Germany invades Romania

  • Italy declares war on Germany

    Mussolini declared war on Hitler. These two great rulers? How will it end?
  • German troops occupy Hungary

  • Hitler commits suicide

    Hitler commits suicide to prevent having to surrender and losing. His wife also commited suicide.
  • Germany surrenders

    Germany, without their ruler is forced to surrender. There was no other choice.