• Cold War begins

  • New design

    the C-130 hercules was redesigned into a side-firing gun-ship for night assualts
  • military coup

    A military coup occurs in Togo under the leadership of Etienne Eyadema.
  • how many enemies were destroyed by it

    more than 10,000 ground and air vehicles were destroyed by the AC-130 series
  • new type of air-ship

    JC-OA were converted into a new a new type of AC-130, the AC-130A
  • US embassy under attack

    Viet Cong soldiers attack the US Embassy, Saigon.
  • 1 fall to enemy fire

    an AC-130 fell to enemy fire and crashed over laos
  • 2 more fall

    two more fall to fire wthin a few hours of each other
  • terrorist attack at munich olympics

    4:30 AM Eight members of Black September carrying duffel bags loaded with AKM assault rifles, Tokarev pistols, and grenades scaled a two-meter chain-link fence into the Olympic Village.
  • how many men have died from getting shot down

    a total of 75 crew members were lost by being shot dow nbe enemy fire
  • a horrible war ends

    the veitnam war ends
  • its first invasion

    the invasion of Panama and the very first gulf war
  • Burn's Day storm

    the burn's day storm kills 97 people
  • the Spooky II

    th intial
  • important support

    AC-130's were inbound to support italy to help with the evacutation
  • campus killig spree

    A student on Virginia Tech Campus goes on a killing spree on 16th April leaving over 30 students dead
  • upping the power

    the air force ewanted to replace the howitzers with 120 ml and hell fire missiles
  • more?

    16 new ships will be purchased and redesigned for a new series