A2 Media Coursework

  • Period: to

    Discuss Plot Ideas and Resaearch Trailers

    We discussed 3 plot ideas and considered the way they would appeal to their respective target audiences. We also thought about the ease of production.
  • Period: to


    We looked at existing trailers, posters and magazine covers of varying genres to help us decide on which plot idea we would use. We also analysed the Easy A trailer in detail looking at the technical elements within it.
  • Period: to

    Decided on plot

    Agreed to do a comedy teaser trailer.
  • Period: to

    Analysed 2 comedy teaser trailers

    Easy A and John Tucker must die.
  • Questionnaire

    Created questionnaire and distributed.
  • Period: to

    Created Blog and Added Content

    Created blog and started to add content from our research so far.
  • Period: to

    Analysed Film Posters

    Analysed film posters in depth, looking at colour, actors/actresses, mise-en-scene, props and costume as well as the use of text.
  • Create Survey

    We created a survey to distribute amongst a soample of our target audience.
  • Period: to

    Final Plot Details

    We decided on our final plot details and picked our cast list.
  • Decide on film title

    We decided to call our film "Popular"
  • Period: to

    Scene List

    We planned the scenes and filming locations.
  • Period: to

    Create Story Board

    We tried to cregate a story board using Pixtion.
  • Filming

    We started filming exterior establishing shots
  • Music Research

    We researched different songs for use in our trailer.
  • Altered Filming Locations

    We decided to change our filoming locations.
  • Filming

    We filmed more exterior extablishing shots
  • Period: to

    Create Poster

    We created our poster
  • Period: to

    Filming and Photoshoots

    We gathered more images and footage for use in both our print and trailer work.
  • Period: to


    We started to edit our footage
  • Period: to

    Audience Research & Feedback

    We collected audience feedback on our media products to help guide the creation of our media products.
  • Filming

    We filmed more footage.
  • Create Magazine Cover

    We created our magazine cover
  • Period: to


    We evaluated our work.