A Year in Ms. Fumai's Class

By MsFumai
  • First Day

    Welcome to Ms. Fumai's Class!! This year will be very exciting. Make sure you take a look at our class wiki for information regarding our classroom. Let's work together to learn and acheive success.
  • Period: to

    A Year in Ms. Fumai's Class

    Here assignments, due dates, test dates, review sessions, field trips, and school events will be posted. Ms. Fumai's Classroom Wiki
  • Timeline Due

    Your interactive "Life Timeline" is due. Be prepared to present.
  • Online Book Due

    Your published work online will be presented to the class today.
  • Heritage Project Due

    Your heritage project is due. Remember to include photos, facts, and a technology aspect. We will present these in a museum style.
  • Science Project Due

    Your scientific method and experiment are due for the topic of your choice. This will be presented musuem style. Be prepared to answer questions from students since your the expert!
  • That Thing You Do Project Due

    Show off your talent and explain exactly how to do what you do. Be as creative as you want. Play an insturment, rap, dance, throw a football, make spagetti... the options are limitless.
  • Testing Week

    Don't panic! You know what to do and understand the material. East well, sleep enough, and relax!
  • Field Trip

    Field trip to be determined and announced.
  • Picnic

    Picnic to celebrate the end of the year outside.
  • Last Day

    It's been a fun, exciting, learning-filled year. I hope you leave this classroom feeling confident in your knoweldge. You are an amazing student and person. Work hard and take control of your education, so that it continues to help you achieve your goals. Thank you for a fantastic year!