A Day in Ms. Dingle's class

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  • Math is FUN!!!

    Math is FUN!!!
    (8:20 am to 9:20 am) Today we are beginning our multiplication project. What we are going to do is every day we will go over out times tables beginning with the 1's. So for twelve days we will be working on these. On the thirteenth day we will have a multiplication party. More information will be sent to you as the day approaches.
  • Art

    Please provide and extra shirt for your child to wear today. In Art class they will be working with finger paint for a mural on the wall on the third grade hall.
  • Spelling test

    Spelling test
    (9:20 am to 10:30 am) Your child was sent home with spelling words last week in September 5, 2011. Today they will have their test on their spelling words. I hope they all studied! :)
  • P.E

    Your child will have p.e class today. Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for this class.
  • Science Fair project sign up

    Science Fair project sign up
    I will get every students science fair project ideas from them today. If your child does not have one in mind I will provide them with a list of topics that they can pick from.
  • American History Day

    American History Day
    We are going to go over important events in American History. The topics that we are going to mainly cover are going to be September 11 and the Civil War. Every week for yhe next six weeks we are going to to have an American History day.