Human body

Our Human Body

By hberend
  • Head

    Our head is at the top of our body. It contains our brain and facial features like our eyes, ears, and nose.
  • Ears

    Our ears help us listen. We have two! One on each side of our head.
  • Eyes

    Our eyes let us see! They can be different colors like blue, green, or brown.
  • Nose

    Our nose lets us smell! It is below our eyes but above our mouth.
  • Mouth

    Our mouth does many things! Inside is our teeth and tongue. Its how we eat food and talk.
  • Neck

    Our neck connects our head to our trunk. It is long and circular and lets us rotate our head to look in different directions.
  • Trunk

    Our trunk is the middle section of our body. It attaches our neck, arms, and hips, It protects all of inside organs like our heart, tummy, and lungs.
  • Back

    Our back is important to keep us standing tall and moving. We have lots of muscles in our back.
  • Arm

    Our arms help us do lots of things. They are attached to our trunk by our shoulders.
  • Shoulders

    Our shoulders connect our arm to the trunk. They help us lift heavy things and allow us to move our arms in many directions.
  • Elbow

    Our elbow is in the middle of our arm. It allows us to bend our arm to forward.
  • Wrist

    Our wrist attaches our hand to our arm. It lets us move our hand in different directions.
  • Hand

    Our hand is at the very bottom of our arm, below our wrist. It helps us pick things up and hold things. We have five fingers on each hand.
  • Waist

    Our waist is the mid-section of our body, right above our belly-button.
  • Hips

    Our hips attach our legs to our trunk. They allow us to move our legs in different directions.
  • Leg

    Our legs are what we use to move around.
  • Knees

    Our knees are in the middle of our legs. They allow us to kick our leg at soccer balls.
  • Ankle

    Our ankle attaches our foot to the leg. It allows us to move our feet in different directions.
  • Foot

    Our feet are at the bottom of our legs. They are what we use when we stand up tall.
  • Toes

    Our toes are on our feet. They help us balance. We have five toes on each foot.