Murtaza's life

  • First day on earth

    First day on earth
    The day I was born and my parents were like "oh no"
  • Period: to

    My life

  • elemtary was done

    elemtary was done
    this was my last day of kindergarden and they kicked me out because they had taught me how to read and how to color inside the line
  • Period: to


    This was the best 8 yrs of my life
  • My first gaming system

    My first gaming system
    This was the first ever game system that i got and so the day i got it was what i thought was the best day of my life
  • My second gaming system

    My second gaming system
    I got this 3 yrs after my ps1 and i only got this because all of my friends had this and so this was a must for me to have this
  • Freestyle biking

    Freestyle biking
    This was a part of my life where I had a craze of biking and doing insane tricks but it only lasted for six months because I dislocated my pinky afer a nasty fall
  • Basketball

    During the last year of grade 8 i got bored with soccer and so my main sport was basketball and my favourite player shifted form christiano ronaldo to kobe bryant
  • elementary school graduation

    elementary school graduation
    I was so happy that I graduated elementary school but also sad becasue one of my cousins told me that high school was hell. But it really wasnt
  • ps3 again

    ps3 again
    after i got my ps3 in 2008, it broke, and so this year i bought one again but this time it was special because I got the best sports game of all time with it