Teonna's Life Span Time Line

By teonna1
  • Prenatal Development & Birth

    I was conceived
  • Prenatal Development & Birth

    The Germinal Period:First two weeks after conception.The beginng of my cell differentiation
  • Prenatal Development & Birth

    I became a Embryo
  • Prenatal Dedvelopment &Birth

    I became a Fetus
  • Prenantal Development & Birth

    Mom and dad found out if it was a boy or girl...... it was a GIRL!!
  • Prenatal Development & Birth

    My mom attains Viability so if i decided I'm ready to come now it would be possible for me to live
  • Prenatal Development &Birth

    Mom and Dad prepare for my arrival and have a babyshower for me.
  • Prenatal Development& Birth

    My mom gave birth and i was born at 8:33am
  • Biosocial - First two years

    Motor skills increased rapidily I was able to move and control my body more.
  • Biosocial- The first two years

    Started walking
  • Biosocial-First two years

    Gross motor skills develop able to crawl on all fours, sits alone
  • Biosocial- The first two years

    First Birthday
  • Cognitive- The first two years

    Able to solve simple problems
  • Language

    Able to to produce and combine words
  • Cognitive- The first two years

    Able to to engage in make-believe play, can also sort objects into catergories
  • Psychosocial-The first two years

    Stared day care and experienced separation anxiety
  • The play years-Psychosocial

    Baby brother was born
  • The play years- cognitive

    started kindergarten
  • The play years- Biosocial

    Growth started to slow down
  • The play years- Biosocial

    Learned how to ride a bike
  • The play years -Cognitive

    Learned how to solve math problems
  • The Play years- Cognitive

    I was able to distinguish appearance from reality
  • The play years- biosocial

    Vocabulary increases
  • The school years-biosocial

    Learned I had Bronchitis
  • The school years- Biosocial

    MyPermanent teeth start to replace my baby teeth
  • The school years-Biosocial

    Became more responsible, and gained more responsibilty at home.
  • The school years- Psychosocial

    Meet alot of new friends in school
  • The School years -psychosocial

    Parents divorced
  • Adolescence-Biosocial

    Started middle school /weight increase
  • Adolescence-Biosocial

    Went through a growth spurt
  • Adolescence-Biosocial

    Started to menstruate/ learned about the birds and the bees.
  • Adolescence-Cognitive

    Became more self-conscious and self focused
  • Aolescence-psychosocial

    Meet my Bestfriend in school
  • Adolescence-Cognitive

    Started High school
  • Adolescence-Psychosocial

    Advance in maturity
  • Adolescence

    Graduates High school
  • Emerging Adulthood-Psychosocial

    Found out i was pregnant
  • Emerging adulthood-Cognitive

    Started college
  • Emerging adulthood-Psychosocial

    First child was born
  • Emerging Adulthood-Cognitive

    Took certified nursind assistant class and became CNA
  • Emerging adulthood-cognitive

    Still enrolled in college working towards nursing degree
  • Adulthood-Cognitive

    Transfers to madonna enters nursing program
  • Adulthood-Cognitive

    Graduates from Madonna University with a bacherlors in science of nursing
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    Working as R.N Pediartic nurse at st.john hospital
  • Adulthood-cognitive

    Return to madonna to complete masters program of nursing
  • Adulthood-cognitive

    Graduates from Madonna University with a masters degrr in nursing
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    Obtains positon and Director of nursing
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    Obtains position as hospital administrator
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    Got Married
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    Purchased first house
  • Adulthood- Psychosocial

    First a child graduates from college
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

  • Late adulthood-Psychosocial

    Traveled the world
  • Adulhood-psychosocial

    Located to florida and started a nursing school
  • Late adulthood-Psychosocial

    Nursing school became the #1 school in the united states
  • Death and dying

    Death of old age