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History Of The Internet

  • The Internet begins

    The Internet begins
    The first real network started in 1969 and ran on packet switching. October 29 69 the first computers connected (Stanford and UCLA) first message was meant to be “Login” but computer crashed at letter “g”.
  • UNIX

    Unix was an operating system that design heavily influenced Linux and FreeBSD (operating systems most popular with today’s web hosting services)
  • Email

    Email was first developed by ray Tomlinson who made the decision to use the “@” symbol that was used to separate the user name from the computer name (later on became the domain name)
  • EBook

    Was when project Gutenberg was started by Michael hart. Gutenberg started to create a site that could have books and documents available electronically for free it was the birth of ebook.
  • Cyclades

    France started to create its on project similar to the Arpanet project its name was Cyclades. Even though Cyclades was shut down the project did pioneer a key idea the host computer should be responsible for data transmission rather than the network its self.
  • Email

    Email accounted for 75% of all Arpanet network activity.
  • First trans atlantic connection

    Arpanet made its first trans-Atlantic connection with the university college of London
  • inter network

    Was a break through year? A proposal was published to link Arpa like networks to create a “inter-network” which would have no central control and work around a transmission protocol.
  • First email program

    With the popularity of emailing, the first modern email program was developed by John Vittal, a programmer at the University of Southern California in 1975. The biggest technological advance this program (called MSG) made was the addition of "Reply" and "Forward" functionality.
  • first PC modem

    This was a big year for the development we now it today. It was the first PC modem this was initially sold to computer hobbyists developed by Dennis Hayes and Dale Heatherington
  • bulletin board system

    This was the year of the first bulletin board system (BBS) that was developed during a blizzard in Chicago
  • Spam

    Spam(Named spam later on) was born it was the first unsolicited commercial email message, sent out to 600 California Arpanet users by Gary Thuerk.
  • Gaming

    The precursor to World of Warcraft and Second Life and was called mud
  • Enquire software

    Enquire software
  • emoticon

    The first emoticon was born
  • switch to TCP/IP

    January 1, 1983 was the deadline for Arpanet computers to switch over to the TCP/IP protocols designed by Vinton Cerf.
  • the well

    the development of The WELL ( this is short for Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link), its one of the oldest virtual communities still in operation. It was developed by Stewart Brand and Larry Brilliant .
  • the worm

    One of the first major Internet worms it was Referred to as "The Morris Worm" it was written by Robert Tappan Morris and caused major interruptions across large parts of the Internet.
  • the proposal of the "World wide web"

    brought about the proposal for the World Wide Web, written by Tim Berners-Lee. It was written to persuade CERN that a global hypertext system was in CERN’s best interest. It was originally called "Mesh"; the term "World Wide Web" was coined while Berners-Lee was writing the code in 1990.
  • dial up internet

    Brought about the first commercial dial-up Internet provider. Also in the same year Arpanet ceased to exist.
  • www finished

    World wide web finished
  • first page

    First page created
  • webcam

    First web cam
  • goverments

    Goverments come in on the new internet and gov and org are created
  • web mail

    First web mail created called HoTMiaL capital letters of homage
  • weblog coined

    The name “weblog” coined
  • Google

    Google goes live
  • Wikipeadia

    Wikipeadia is launched
  • "The" facebook

    “The” facebook is opened but only to college students later “the” is dropped but the URL still works
  • You tube

    Youtube is launched
  • mobil web

    The iphone and the mobile web.