natalia florez' life

  • when I was 4

    when I was 4
    I used to play with dolls. I couldn't play with the dog.My mother I bathed me.
  • when I was 6

    when I was 6
    I used to dress alone.I couldn't wash.My peleava.
  • when I was 7

    when I was 7
    I used to play yeimi with my friend.I couldn't read.My to gations
    with my friends
  • when I was 9

    when I was 9
    I used to walk the dog.I couldn't vacuum.My sweep the floor.
  • when I was 10

    when I was 10
    I used to play mommy with my friends.I couldn't play the guitar.My read.
  • when I was 12

    when I was 12
    I used to study.I couldn't have bridegroom.My exercise.
  • when I was 13

    when I was 13
    I used to ride bike with my sister.I couldn't play the piano.My make breakfast.
  • when I was 14

    when I was 14
    I used to makeup.I couldn't feed the cat.My clean the house.
  • when I was 15

    when I was 15
    I used to dream with my party.My mother and my father gave me a party of 15.I couldn't dance with my friend.
  • I am 16

    I am 16
    I live in pedregal. I study in Maestro Fernando Botero educational Institution.I use to make up.
    I go out with my boyfriend.