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Friends in School!

By kel2000
  • Jennifer BFF

    Jennifer BFF
    First time i met a friend in Kingston International school, awesome time together. We never break our friendship, i really miss her. She is funny, honest and of course kind as well!
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    Friends in School

    Kingston International School
  • Tristan (Kelsey Sister BF sibling) F

    Tristan (Kelsey Sister BF sibling) F
    Sometimes he is a show - off, but funny. Many people think he is handsome but maybe not? He play different instrument, he want to be famous when he grows up!! Hope he can do it!!!!! :)
  • Katie FF

    Katie FF
    She is really weird, never get angry. Wear glasses, President for Kingston International School. I have spent so much FUN time with her!! She inspires me a lot!!!!
  • Shirley & Gigi FF

    Shirley & Gigi FF
    Shirley and Gigi are great, they respect their friends, stay together even play together. Both of them are really short but smart too. HAVE FUN GUYS!
  • Guess who is the guy in the right

    Guess who is the guy in the right
    Ethan is a great friends, whenever people don't believe him he is always right. He is a smart kid in English and Math. I will miss you in Secondary School, see you in England
  • Ingrid FF

    Ingrid FF
    My friend Ingrid, funny and kind. Smart, cooperative, great to work with. Play soccer very WELL!! She is a GREAT friend!!!!! Go Ingrid! You are #1!!!:)
  • Kelly FF

    Kelly FF
    She like to speak chinese, have a sister that dances hip - hop very well, as for her!!! Miss you much if i go to secondary. Wish you the best!
  • Guess who is who

    Guess who is who
    Hiu Yi love speaking Chinese and cantonese, she always practice english that's why i think she is always getting better. She is funny and always have the same personality as i think.!!! Wish you the best when you leave to another school for secondary!!
  • Karis Tao FF

    Karis Tao FF
    Both of them are my super friends, cause they are super funny. They make jokes in school. They both like playing soccer and they never like arguing with friends!!! Miss you in High School!!