President Wilson's troops

  • Advantages

    Daylight saving time was proposed by benjamen franklin to take advantage of long summers.
  • Price

    there was a growth in the consumer price index between 1914 and 1920.
  • war economy

    war economy
    35% of their purchasing power was from inflation, due to that more than 6,000 strikes broke out to protect the rising prices.
  • Attacks

    President Wilson expressed apprehension about US attitudes toward the war. His prediction was correct; There was attacks on civil liberties, both offical and unoffical erupted.
  • Acts

    Congress passed the Espionage act.
  • War industries board

    War industries board
    the board encouraged companies to use mass production techniques to elimanate waste by standardizing products.
  • President Wilson

    President Wilson
    he created a national war labor board with disputes between management and labor. "work or fight"
  • The "sequel" act

    The "sequel" act
    Sedition act was passed under these acts you could be fined up tp $10000 and sentenced 20 years in jail for obstruction.
  • President Wilson's troops

    President Wilson's troops
    H ordered 700 troops to Russia to condemn the streets of Manhattan
  • WIB

    WIB applyed price controls only at the whole sale level. Profits increased in the industries.
  • Deportation

    Abrams, Lachowsky, Lipman, and Steimer were deported to Russia.
  • ammendment

    Laws violated the 1st ammendment. Their passage led to 6000 arrests for antiwar activities.