8A Esau~ Independent Reading #1 "Iron Man" by Marvel Studios

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    Chapter 1

    Tony you know that your dad helped in the past to defeat the nazis and hydra follows in his footsteps.
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    Chapter 2

    Afghanistan attacked and Tony had to launch the jericho missile, which is a lot of mini missiles.
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    Chapter 3 and 4

    Tony we have to fight that murderers and criminals before something worse happens, suddenly tony is attacked and collapses then he meets someone.
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    chapter 5 and 6

    Tony: what's up, person, a person approaches Tony and tells him some people attacked you and kidnapped you and also implanted some bugs in your heart so I had to put something on your chest so you wouldn't die tony stays amazed.
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    Chapter 7

    We are in the industries stark Tony says the machine is too slow it will not work and another says trust there is a great wave and Tony says you say it is not going to work.
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    Chapter 8

    while tony is in bed he says what is the slogan of stark industries going to be and then someone else tells him that thing on your chest makes you stay alive right? Tony answers maybe.