Important Events in my Lifetime

  • Pregnancy

  • Period: to


    Remarkable growth from microscopic to 20 inches at birth. All body parts intact, including the brain. Reflexes are ato matic.
  • Birth

    I was born on December 7th, 1993.
  • Period: to


    Gross physical development. Attatchment with mother. Motor skills begin to develop.
  • Mom and Dad got divorced.

    My Dad left my Mom's house when I turned 1 years old.
  • Took my first steps

  • I learned how to walk.

  • I went to Disney World for the first time

  • I got a pet dog and cat.

    I got my first two pets. I got my cat Bubby, who I still have today and my dog named Kissy.
  • Period: to


    After 2 years, 2-3 insches and 4-6 lbs. are gained until they reach adolescense. Fine motor development. It will improve with age. Vision changed from complex images to a preferance for face.
  • First day of Kindergarden.

    I remember the first day of Kindergarden, becasuse I was so excited. My Dad gave me my first dollar and I still have it. I remember my whole family there.
  • I went to Mamoth Cave with my dad.

    My Dad took my sister and I to Mamoth Cave for the first time. WE went on a boat ride in the dark cave and saw blind fish. We also saw many bats hanging from the ceiling. It was a lot of fun.
  • I learned how to ride my bike.

    One day my dad bought me a bike and all day he helped me learn how to ride my bike. I kept falling, but he kept picking me up.
  • Played softball for the first time.

  • First day of fourth grade.

  • First day of fifth grade.

  • Had an easter egg hunt at my grandma's.

  • Went to Cancun with my dad and sister.

  • Got a bike for christmas.

  • Went to Holiday World with my family.

    I used to go to Holiday World all the time with my Mom. She was always fun to go with, because she loved riding the water slides with me and my sister.(:
  • Had a pool party at my dad's house.

  • Had a pool party at my dad's house.

    One summer I had a pool party with a bunch of my friends at my Dad's house. We had fruit slushies and a lot of food. We had cool music playing, while we all played water volleyball. It was a blast!
  • Grew three inches

  • Went to Paoli with my dad and sister.

    My Dad used to take my sister and I every year to Paoli Peaks to ski. I had to learn how to balance on the snow with skiis on. It was a lot of fun with him.
  • Period: to


    A sense of higher self-esteem. Physically and socially developing as normal. Lost the sense of attatchment.
  • Went to Florida with my mom's family.

    I got my permit with my Mom and I was so nervous.
  • Got my permit

  • Freshman year at Bosse.

    My Freshman year was very scary. I was so nervous to go to school because i didn't know anybody. I eventually made some great friends.
  • Got my liscense

    I was pretty nervous to get my liscense but I knew I was a good driver. I went to the BMV with my Mom and i took the written test which I aced and then the drive. I passed!
  • Got my own car

    I loved shopping for a car with my Mom and Dad. I really wanted am expensive car, but I wound up with a used Honda Accord. My car is dark green with a sunroof. It is leather inside and it looked pretty new. I love my car!(:
  • Started River City volleyball.

    I remember my sister played travel volleyball for River City. It was always fun to travel to new towns. My Mom decided that I should play too, to improve my skills. I remember being so nervous to go to tryouts that I cried and refused to go. After my Mom made me, I found out how nice everyone was and I had a blast!!
  • Period: to


    Physical and socail development is usually complete. No sense of attatchment.