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Life is a scarp book!

By kiana12
  • There are some many pages

    There are some many pages
    in life its like a scrap book because there are many many page s to it
  • Period: to

    lifes a scrap book

  • You have your good times

    You have your good times
    in life you have good times last last forever
  • At times you have not so good times

     At times you have not so good times
    as a part of life your going to come across times were you just dont get along with some one at the moment even though a hour later you will be back to talking again
  • Celebration

    you will celebrate with your loved ones ingnoring the fact that you might have a book report due the next day
  • Bad grades

     Bad grades
    you will get bad grades eventaully leading to good grades
  • Curshes

    You will find crushes
  • break ups

     break ups
    you will aslo have break ups
  • drivers ed

     drivers ed
    you will finally learn how to drive
  • sweet 16

    sweet 16
    leadin up to your 16 brithday
  • JOBS

    leading up to you getting a job to pay for a car

    even though it might not be the one of you choice you finally have your first car
  • PROM

    as the years coming to a close and as you graduation day is coming up prom will be there to help you get rid of the stress
  • graduation day

    graduation day
    finally the day has come were you finally graduate
  • Not the ending the beginig

    Not the ending the beginig
    As i say life is a scrap book because as you leave high school career behind thats not the end its the begining of a entirely new life that you will fill up with memories