us history timeline!

  • Jan 1, 1565

    founded st.agustine,florida.

    it was oldest permanet european settlement in the U.S
  • english made first permanent settlement Jamestown,Virginia

  • Europeans brought africans to work at america

    they work as slaves laboros in cotton & tabacco plantations
  • Many stories

    historical scenes, stories of people's lives, historical artifacts and documents, essays, voices and songs, historical maps, and a timeline - to illuminate broad and competing perspectives on this dramatic event.
  • great britan gained control of all north america

    only the east of mississippi
  • the us constitution was drawn up

    the politocal system created the U.S constitution
  • Lousiana purchase

    United States nearly double in size
  • Africans in America

    judgment day
  • first transcontinental railroad completed

    it was comleted on the United States
  • about 17 million people lived between mississippi & pacific

  • the world war ll ended

    the united states was the only major nation that had escaped physical damge and had healty economy
  • communism in europe collapsed