Madison Emeri Dale

By toni06
  • Can't be True!

    My scheduled dr. visit when discovered I was 5 weeks Pregant!
  • Ultrasound-9 Weeks!

    My first ultrasound is when I finally realized I was really caring my first child, and I made up my mind to share the information with family & friends.
  • Baby's Heartbeat!

    I listened to my unborn's heartbeat for the first time!
  • It's A Girl!

    It's A Girl!
  • Baby Shower!

    I never thought this many people cared about me, I received so much love and so many gifts!
  • The Finale~

    The Finale~
    My daughter was born on Wednesday Oct. 15, 2008 @ 5:42 AM after being in labor with her since Monday afternoon around 1 o'clock!
  • Madison's Very First Christmas!

    Madison's Very First Christmas!
  • Madison's first piece of Technology!

    Madison's first piece of Technology!
  • Madison (Pinky) First Lover's Day!

    Madison (Pinky) First Lover's Day!
  • My First Beach Visit!

    My First Beach Visit!
  • New Homeowner!

    New Homeowner!
    Daddy & Mommy purchased our first home!
  • Happy 1st Birthday!

    Happy 1st Birthday!
  • First 3D Movie...

    First 3D Movie...
    I saw my first 3D movie with my parents, we saw Toy Story 3 and it was great!
  • My First Day of Pre-K

    My First Day of Pre-K
    Madison attends private school at Trinity Lutheran in Monile, Al. She started about 2 months before her 2nd b'day even though they won't allow you to enroll until you are two.