8.4 Rights & Resist Timeline

Timeline created by suhani1013
  • Venezuelan Independence

    Venezuela gained its independence through juntas, or their jungle military, revolting against the rule of Napolean Boneparte.
  • Japanese Samurai Gov't Begins Building Project

    In response to meeting many industrialized military powers in the West, the samurai government began an extensive building project to mimic Western technological advances mixed in with Japanese culture
  • Indian National Congress

    In 1885, Indian English-speaking politicians created the INC in order to come up with plans and ideas to prevent the British from controlling India's government and take the government into their own hands.
  • Filipino Insurrection

    At the end of the Spanish American War, the Filipinos were under U.S. imperialist control. Under Emilio Aguinaldo, Filipino forces revolted against American imperialist forces to gain independence.
  • Boxer Rebellion

    Many American and European countries had entered China to create spheres of influence there for trading purposes. They brought on their culture and religion with them and attempted to impose this on them. Chinese locals then rebelled to keep them out.
  • Emperor Menelik II

    Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia was able to pay off colonial powers against each other, so that he could purchase modern weapons and technologies to create a powerful army that could resist and scare off imperialists