7B/Jewel~Independent Reading #1 displacement by Kiku Hughes

Timeline created by Hilda Jewel
  • AD 1

    Chapter 1 ~ Major Events

    Her name is Kiku Hughes and she's with her mom walking around JapanTown to find her mother's mom house back in the 70s or 80s. When they found a place where Kiku's grandma used to live, they found a mall, but the house got torn down.
  • Period: AD 1 to 2

    Chapter 1 continues

    Kiku decided to take a rest on the bench outside while her mother was going to check the mall. Kiku slept like a dream, and she felt that she was going to be displaced. In her mind, she saw her grandmother was playing a violin and her name is Ernestina Teranishi. Which is a rare name from Japan.
  • 2

    Chapter 2 ~ Major Events

    In the garden, Kiku laid down in her background and forget about San Francisco behind her back. She fell asleep in the background and dreamed about being in the past of what happened to the Japanese that are going to a camp for only Japanese people.
  • Period: 2 to 3

    Chapter 2 continues

    They arrived in a camp called Tanforan and the soldiers have guns around them to make sure not to let the Japanese people escape from them or else they get chased or shot.
  • 3

    Chapter 3 ~ Major Events

    When they got inside the building, they got tested if they have any illness disease. After the interview, they got shot with a needle. And Kiku goes to the front desk to give rooms, but they don't have any rooms left. So they put Kiku with another women.
  • Period: 3 to 4

    Chapter 3 continues

    When they got their luggages to go to their own room, Kiku saw it wasn't clean enough. It has spider webs and other things that are DISGUSTING. She met the women Aiko, and she's alone too like Kiku. The general of the camp, make them do something and put them in their room to fix it.
  • 4

    Chapter 4 ~ Major Events

    Aiko and Kiku got along with each other and helping each other. The grandpa knocked on their door, and wanted to give gifts that he made for them for every doors he went. Kiku got a brush, and Aiko helped translate his Japanese language to english for Kiku to know.
  • Period: 4 to 5

    Chapter 4 continues

    The grandpa left, and goes to another door to give them gifts too. There is another person knocking the door, but there are two soldiers checking in Aiko and Kiku's room if they have any sharp things and weapons so they won't kill and escape from camp.