• first day of holidays

    We drove to Melbourne that took three hours to get to the airport then we hoped onto the plane and went up to QueensLand when we got to Queensland it was raining then we got our hire car and we had an xr6 ford and the place we stayed in was dimond sand resort it was really cool pool in there it was called a lagon pool really big aswell.
  • the next day

    on saturday we went to the pool and it was really deep in the middleof the pool but that was ok then we wentdown to the beach it was fun to becuase we had a ball and then we kicked it out in the water then the waves brang it back in then we went shoping for 3 hours then we went home and played
  • on sunday

    then on sunday we went out for lunch and tea then we went to sizzlers for tea then we went to hungry jack for lunch they where both really yum.
  • monday

    on monday we went to my dads uncles retirement home in twomba and that was on a raining days then it was boring but it was worth it becuase he was oldthen it was long trip back home
  • tuesday

    on tuesday we went to sewa world and then we went to whale watchingand that was amazing and cool at sea world it was fun.
  • wendsday

    we went to my dads friends mom and dads place it is really big there was a crow that we had to scare of out of the tree
  • thursday

    then on thursday we went to mini golf we played three games and i was really good at it and my sisterwas good.
  • friday

    then we went to dream world witch was really fun on the dodgems.
  • saturday

    we didn't do anything
  • sunday

    on the plane and went back to queensland.