holiydays (tom)

  • day 1

    well I woke up and starded my normall routine of the day
  • day 1 part 2

    play xbox till lunch
  • day 1 (part 3)

    watch tv till diner
  • Period: to


  • day 2 (part 1)

    wake up have brekfeast say good bye to mum and dad watch tv
  • day2 (part 2)

    have lunch
  • day2 (part3)

    have dinner and go to bed
  • day 3 (part 1)

    wake up and get redey to go to the movies
  • day3 (part 2)

    went to the movies to see diry of a wimpy kid
  • day3 (part 3)

    after the movie we went to have sub way at the park
  • day4 (part1)

    my brother invites a freind over
  • day4 (part2)

    we all went outside to play the we go out to have subway
  • day4 (part3)

    go home and play xbox till diner
  • expo

    mydad goes to an expo in melboune and I came with him and worked there