Pre ww2 Timeline

  • Appeasement

    Term means that you please someone, give them what they want to make them happy for some sort of greater benefit. But in this situation with hitler and britain and france, it didnt work but only gave hitler a bigger ego.
  • Versailles Treaty

    Hitler broke all the rules pertaining to the versalles treaty. He promised not to take land he promised not to arm the army, he promised not to remilitarized. he did all these things. Hitler actually tore up the treaty. Hitler played all of germany got them to buy into his schemes, wich gave him alot of power.
  • League Of Nations

    League Of Nations
    Created as a cause of the versailles treaty, the league had 58 members (countries), it was created to prevent war and secure peace through negotiation rather than war. The league was inaffective because not all countrys joined, including the u.s. Ultimately the league had no power, no army, and no control over anything really....
  • Invaision of Rhineland

    Part of hitlers escapade, his goal was to unite all german speaking countries. This put a sense of oh, im doing something good. MAde hitler pretyy popular.
  • Alliances

    Hitler had alliances the first being the rome-berlin axis pact wich allied germany with italy. (musso) The second being the anti comiterm pact with japan. Obviously we're going to war.
  • Munich Agreement

    Munich Agreement
    six months after hitler invades austria he breaks his promise and demands the sudeten land of the czech. prime minister of britain meets with hitler and agree to the munich agreement, hitler takes the sudetenland but cant take any more. he ends up breaking this one two.
  • Man Of The Year

    Man Of The Year
    Germany need a strong leader. people were not pleased with the out come of the last war, they were blamed for everything, expected to pay huge debts, couldnt rearm, or remilitarize, or reproduce. germany was ... blah. but then hitler came along and tore the the treaty of versalles and everyone loved him. he played his cards right, played everyone else right, and got what he wanted.
  • Invaision of czech

    Invaision of czech
    After invading the Sudeten part of the czech, hitler decides to invade ther rest of czech, braking the munich agreement. Realizing that hitler is a lier, france and britain strike up an agreement that if germany takes any more land they will strike.
  • Invaision of Poland

    Invaision of Poland
    Unscathed by France and Britains warnings (wich they thought would work) Hitler goes ahead and invades poland. This is the last straw for Hitler and is an example of failure of apeasement.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Ultimately what brings us into ww2. Japanese bomber the navy airbase of pearl harbor on the island o'ahu Hawaii, hq of u.s. pacific fleet. 1,178 injured - 2350 deaths including 68 civilians.