Timeline created by bubby922
  • war

    this was the third Anglo-Afgan war
  • United Nations

    Afgan joined the United Nations in 1946
  • resignes

    Daud Khan resigns in 1963 because of tense relations with Pakistan
  • constatution

    the constatution was put into place in 1964
  • election

    the first election took place in 1965
  • monarchy comes to an end

    the Monarchy that started in 1747 came to an end in 1972.
  • overthrowing of the king

    The king was overthrown in 1973
  • gas consumption

    started produceing gas in 1975
  • killing of communist coup

    the communist coup's president and his family were shot
  • rights

    the Pro-Soviet goverment tried topromote the rights, culture, and the languages of non pastun groups
  • invasion

    the soviet union invaded Afganistan
  • exacution

    taraki was secretly executed
  • New king

    Amin becomes the new King
  • Assassination

    Amin was assinated
  • soviet union

    soviet union invades and takes control of Kabul
  • department of Islamic affairs

    The department of Islamic affairs was established in 1981
  • uranium

    Uranium mining has begun in Afgan
  • coal

    coal was afgans second leading hydrocarbon rescource
  • mining

    Afganistan was produceing large amounts of natural gas
  • red army withdraws

    the red army withdraws from afgaistan
  • taleban

    The taleban seized control over Southern Afganistan
  • Taleban

    taleban emerges in southern city of Kandahar
  • taleban captures Kabul

    in 1996 the taleban captures kabul
  • 9/11

    Taleban is blamed for bombing the twin towers
  • oil!!

    Afgans had there very first oil find.