Sydney Ripley

  • I was born

    I was born at abut one in the afternoon
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • My sister was born

    My sister Madison Ripley's middle name is mae and she was born in May how weird.
  • California

  • Flower Girl

    Flower Girl
    In September 2003 I was a flower girl and I five years old. It was for my uncle Tim’s wedding. Sadly it poured at the wedding and it was outside so that did not help. The rehearsal diner was great it was beautiful outside the sun was shinning. All in, all the wedding was so much fun there was food and dancing.
  • We got a pool

    Getting a pool was one of the best thing we did. We used it every day this summer. It was about 86-90 degrees every day.
  • Went to Washington D.C.

    We got to go to Washington D.C. to visit my and Becky and Ted. We got to see all to the momorials and we got to see the white house.
  • Gulf Shores

    When we went to Gulf Shores we got to go on a dolphin cruise it was so much fun. We got to catch jelly fish and crabs.
  • My Grandpa died

    He was very sick and he had cancer for 9 years.
  • Brewer Games

    Brewer Games
    In 2009 I went to two brewer games. On the first one I
    went to they won because of Prince Fielder. The game was tied and Prince hit a home run. In that same game they had there first triple play in a long time. On the second game they also won it was so cool. Prince Fielder is my favorite baseball player and he plays the same position as me how cool. All in all, I loved going to the brewer games.
  • Baskeball season

    In basketball we went 22 and 5 we were really good. There was only one team we could not beat it was the DePere team.
  • Florida

    We got to go to Florida in May when we were there we got to go to Sea World. I almost went on every single roller coaster ride there I love roller coasters they are awesome. We also got to feed dolphins and sting rays they are slimy.