My Life

  • I was born

    I was born
    On March 21st I was born. It all took place at North Penn Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That was the same place my brothers Quinton and Marcus were born. At 10:33 pm I was born. It took me 8 hours to come out. I was supposed to be born on the 22nd, but I came early. But that’s all that happened that day.
  • I moved to Tampa,Florida

    I moved to Tampa,Florida
    On September 30th I moved to Florida. In Florida, I moved to a big city called Tampa. It’s full of huge buildings and houses. We moved to a complex called Heritage Pines. That is were I met all nine of my best friends. I have lived there for nine years. I’m glad I lived there.
  • My 7th birthday party

  • I got my dog Mia

  • I met my best friend Marina

  • My brother graduated high school

    My brother graduated high school
    On May 26th my brother Quinton graduated high school. On my last day of school my brother finished at Wharton High School in Tampa, FL. It took awhile, but he finally got called up. He got his diploma and shook hands. Afterwards we went to Olive Garden to celebrate. Now my brother is in his second year of college.
  • I moved to Wisconsin

    I moved to Wisconsin
    On December 1stI moved to Wisconsin. I left Florida on November 31st. It took us mostly two days to drive here. We stopped most of the time to use the bathroom, eat, or get gas. We moved into my grandparents‘ old house until we found our own. But now we are in our own house.
  • I flew to Florida

    I flew to Florida
    On June 7th I flew to Florida. I flew on a plane to Tampa all by myself for the first time. When I was on the plane I wasn’t that scared. When my plane landed I met my dad at the airport. when I saw him walk in, I was excited. I stayed with my dad the whole summer. But on August I flew back.
  • My first day of middle school

  • I went up north for the first time