Heidi's time line

  • Born

    I was born in July on a extremely hot day at the st.mary's hospital!
  • Period: to

    life spand so far

  • My first Autumn

    My first Autumn
    I dont remember my first autumn that much but I am sure that I was excited and loved playing in the leaves!
  • Disney World

    Disney World
    My family and I went to Disney World, in Flordia.The night of going to Disney I was so excited I don't even remember sleeping not only was it the first time I went to Flordia it was also my first time going on a plane! My family and I got to go on many rides, but since I was only 4 some rides I was too small for! We went to restraunts that were decorated as different countries, it was very cool! Disney World was the best vacation I have went on so far!
  • Family reunion

    Family reunion
    In the Summer of 2004 my cousins, aunts, uncles from my mom's side of the family came up to my grandparents! We ate watermelon, grilled out, picked berries, went in the woods, climbed trees, played in the sand box and much more! That was a great summer. All in all I've had plenty of fun Summers but this was one of my favorites.
  • Down to Georgia

    Down to Georgia
    When I was in first grade my family and I went down to Georgia to visit some of my relatives. We ended up going to a laser show shown at stone mountain, catching lightning bugs, go to the atlantic aquarium, and lot's more! When the end of our visit occured we all were sad to leave. Going down to Georgia was a never forgetting expiremence of my life!
  • Mackina Island

    Mackina Island
    My family and I went to Mackina island for a day or two, we had a execellent time!
  • Got my rabbit Violet

    Got my rabbit Violet
    I got my bunny at a bunny farm a couple miles away from my house. The reason why my parents were buying me a bunny was because it was a early birthday gift. When my mom and I came to the farm we got to look at all the bunnies. The only breed they sold was the Californian meet rabbit so I ended having a rabbit that most people would cook up as a pet! As soon as I saw a black and white rabbit I picked her and I named her Violet! Ever since that day I have been caring for my rabbit Violet.
  • Cousins!

    On June 19, 2009 my cousins and I mett about half way!Me and my family drove all the way to Illinoise and so did my cousins who live in Georgia. We all spent one night at a hotel and then we drove together back to Wisconsin. While my cousins where here we played night games, camped out, and had a blast! The summer of 2009 was a great summer I will sure remember!
  • Lincoln Mueseum

    Lincoln Mueseum
    My family, grandma, and my cousins went to a Lincoln meusem which had wax figures and lot's of cool things!
  • Dance

    When I was really little I went into dance, the dance costume i was wearing in this picture I wore 2 days straight because I liked it so much!