my life time events

By sman
  • I was born

    I was born on feburary 19th 1999 at 1:59 in bellin hospital.
  • ranover

    The side of my head got ran over by a minivan and I had to go to the hospital when I was three years old.
  • We went to canada

    We went to Canada. We caught about nine fish and saw a black bear.
  • Hit in the eye by a aluminuim base ball bat

    I got hit in the eye by an aluminum baseball bat when I was In second grade.
  • We went to six flags

    We went to six flags and we went on the American Eagle at night and it was flying off the track.
  • We went to Montana

    We went to Montana with our dog Nixie we saw a whole bunch of moose.
  • Friends move

    We helped our friends pack on August 22.
    Two of my friends and I ran up to a deer in a field.
  • Went to Minosota

    We went to Minnesota to see our friends and went to the renaissance fair with them.
  • went to renaissance fair

    We went to a renaissance fair with knights and castles and ogres. It was really fun we saw a bald eagle at a bird show.
  • Mall of America

    We went to mall of America because at the end of the renaissance fair we got a whole bunch of free tickets to mall of America.