my life

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    my life

  • i am born

    I was born on April 24 1999 in the green bay hospital. My dad passed out. My full name is Aaron Daniel Ropson. My mother is Sue Ropson, and my dad is Brian Ropson. My Brother is Brandon Ropson. That’s were and when I was born.
  • Goldfish

    Today i got my first and last fish
  • I get cleo

    I get cleo
    I got my cat cleo that is still alive today
  • my first day of school

    My first day of school was when I was 4 years old, in 2003. There were so many new people to talk, to play with. Nice teachers to. That was a very easy day of school. And that was my first day of school.
  • Mom and dad divorce..

    My mom and dad got in a fight on may 13 2004 I was scared. A week or two later, dad goes to jail. Then tomorrow dad gets out and Mom divorces him. That was the sad day my mom divorced my dad.
  • I go to glenbrook

    I go to glenbrook
    My first day of school in Glenbrook!
  • My first bike

    I got my first bike at 5 years old 2004. A green tricycle, with a fake horn. It also had A small container in the back by the seat. With white rims and black wheels it was fast. And that was my first bike.
  • I go to South Dakota

    When I went to the South Dakota badlands, the hills where black and smoldering. The road was tar and rocks mixed, And The hills puffed smoke. As we drove by. And that’s when I visited the South Dakota badlands
  • The aquarium

    The aquarium
    I went to the Atlanta Gerogia aqaurium so many fish and a whale!
  • Another cat tiki!

    Another cat tiki!
    My fattest cat tiki who loves to eat and sleep