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My Grandparents and ME

By kimh
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    I was born on the 24th of August.
  • Grandparents Day

    Grandparents Day
    My grandparents have come with me to Grandparents Day every time since I was in Kindergarden.
  • Christmas

    Every year, for Christmas I go to my dad's mom's house on Christmas Eve to eat a wonderful meal and to open presents. I spend Christmas day with my mom's parents and her sister, eating another wonderful meal and opening presents.
  • Volunteer

    I have volunteered at a church that runs a food pantry and clothing room, where low income citizens can come and get free clothes and food. I have volunteered with my dad's mom for the past two years during the summer months I'm not in school.
  • Anniversary

    My grandparents, on my mom's side, celebrated their 50th anniversary, this year.
  • Today

    With me today are my mom's parents and my dad's mom.