My life

By pena4
  • Birthdate

    I was Born
  • School

    First day of first grade
  • Alowed to be Independent

    Parents finally let me go bike to school (which was only 8 blocks away)
  • System Hiatus

    System of A Down one of my favorite bands and a band that is world famous went on hiatus and is still on hiatus...tho there are rumors that they will get back togther soon
  • Moved Schools

    Transfered from Centenial Elementary to DCIS
  • Future Best friend

    Met my best friend for the first time
  • Bought my first guitar

    Found my calling in life and paid for my very first guitar
  • First Band

    Vocalist and Guitarist in my first band
  • New Amp

    Paid in full for my second stage amp
  • Kicked out of first band

    My first band and close friends kicked me out of the band that i helped start
  • Second Guitar

    Finished payments on my second guitar and started my third band
  • Started writing Music

    Finished with lyrics and all my very first original song
  • Started at new school

    Unwillinly transfered to CEC because my dad thought i would do better there. With no friends i had to start all over...again
    i came from a school where everyone knew my name and where being different was somthing that would change you for the better