Unit 1: French and Indian War.

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus "discovers' America.

    Christopher Columbus runs into America in his ship. This date is commonly remembered with the saying "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue."
  • Period: Oct 12, 1492 to

    Unit 1: French and Indian War.

    This is a timeline telling about important events that happened during the time of The French and Indian War.
  • Jamestown Colony created.

    Jamestown was the very first settlement in the United States. It was founded by the Virginia Company (previously known as the London Company).
  • Plymouth Colony created.

    This was the first permanent Puritan settlement created in America. It was founded by English Seperatist Puritans.
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony Created.

    On this day, the Massachusetts Bay Colony ( also known as the Massachusetts Company) was officially founded. The colony was started by a group of educated and wealthy English Puritans.
  • New Amsterdam becomes New York.

    New Amsterdam was renamed New York after the Dutch surrendered the colony to the English. The colony was then renamed New Orange for a brief while when the Dutch reclaimed it. The name New York was permanently given when the colony was permanently signed over to England in 1674.
  • William Penn creates Pennsylvania.

    William Penn founded Pennsylvania along with the help of his fellow Quakers. Their goal was to create a colony that allowed freedom of religion.
  • Albany Congress meets.

    Representatives of Conneticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Hampshire meet daily from now until July 19. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss defense methods to use against the French and relations with Indian tribes.
  • George Washington assaults Fort Duquesne.

    George Washington led a group of Virginian militia in an attack on Fort Duguesne. The purpose for this was to drive out the French Canadians that opperated the fort.
  • The French and Indian War concludes.

    The French and Indian War ( also known as The Seven Years War) officially ended following the defeat of the French in Quebec. The conclusion of this long war also followed the signing of a treaty of peace in Paris. The actual dates of the signing and end of the war are unknown.